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How to Properly Adjust Your Spinning Bike

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 17, 2014 12:08:00 PM / by NicNac



You finally booked your first spinning class!  You have everything you need (because you printed your handy dandy checklist) and then, the moment comes when you walk into class and you make your way to your bike.  NOW WHAT?! You must figure out how to properly adjust your spinning bike! 



Bike set up is one of the most important factors for safety when it comes to indoor cycling.  Poor bike setup can lead to injury and we do NOT want that to happen.  Cycling bikes are designed to allow you to adjust them properly for your height to create a comfortable position.  There are a few things you want to think about when properly adjusting your bike:

  • The toe cages/Clipless Pedals (for those of you wearing indoor cycling shoes):
    • If toe cages and straps are used, be sure to align the ball of your foot over the
      center of the pedal. This is the firmest, widest part of your foot and therefore the
      most efficient and comfortable foot position.
    • If clipless pedals are used, make sure that your cleats are aligned properly on
      your shoes so that the ball of your foot is positioned on the center of the pedal
  • Seat Height
    • Sit on the bike and place your feet in the toe cages or clip into the pedals and rotate the pedals until one leg reaches the bottom of the pedal stroke. That leg should have a 25–35 degree bend in the knee.
  • Seat Position
    • Most seats will adjust forward and backward. While sitting on the bike, place your hands on the handlebars and the balls of your feet over the center of the pedals. Then, position the pedals so they are level with each other. Use your forward leg for the alignment check. Your seat is in the right position when your kneecap is directly above the center of the pedal.
  • Handlebar Height
    • Adjust the handlebars to a position that is comfortable and limits unnecessary strain on your neck and back.
Keep these tips in mind and have a great ride!