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How to Prepare Yourself for Your First Spinning Class

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 9, 2014 9:15:00 PM / by NicNac


A few days ago we talked about how to be successful with your new years resolution.   Now, let’s talk logistics and find out how to prepare yourself for your first spinning class!

  • Choose a studio!  Do your homework and pick a cycling studio that works for you. Check out my post about some local cycling studios here in Boston that have been stellar this year. Most studios these days are dimly lit, or completely dark.  Do you want a small class or a large class (30+ bikes like Flywheel).  Are you looking for a beginners ride?  Some studios offer beginner rides and I recommend checking out that class if possible. Turnstyle Cycle even offers a 30-minute private session for you to come in and get used to the Real Ryer bikes they use.
  • Choose a class time! Remember what I said about setting achievable goals? That means selecting a class time that works for your schedule.  Don’t over commit on your first go at spinning.  Select a time of day when know you’ll have plenty of time to get to the studio, park, change, get a feel for the studio. 
  • Plan your outfit.  You’re going to sweat - A LOT!  Plan to wear Moisture wicking fabric -  so that means shorts or pants that are nylon/spandex, a sports bra, tank top and breathable, lightweight socks.  Men may even want to consider wearing padded spinning shorts.
  • Footwear:  For your first class, sneakers will work just fine.  Recently, studios have been providing guests with cycling shoes when they get to class – check the studio's website or call ahead to find out if they provide this service.  Cycling shoes are in European sizes – check online so you know what size you wear.
  • What to bring:  2 full water bottles, a towel, a headband or hair elastic (for those of us with long hair) and a heart rate monitor (not a necessity but can be helpful for recovery time).

Finally, don’t forget to bring YOUR ENERGY and YOUR ENTHUSIASM! Get excited!! This is the first step toward the new you!

Print Your Spinning Class Prep Checklist