Beantown Cycling - Find your next group fitness class!

As a lover of all things fitness-related, I wanted to create a place for Boston cycling and fitness enthusiasts alike to find information on local indoor cycling studios and other group fitness classes around the city.  I have what some might call "fitness ADD"... I want to try all the things!!  My true passion is indoor cycling and this past October I finally got certified to teach Spinning!  In addition to Spinning, I am consistently taking classes at all of the different studios around the city and trying to get all my girlfriends to try new classes with me. My hope is that can enlighten you on the different happenings at cycling studios around the city as well as answer some of your questions about group fitness classes.  Check out my blog for more information!

Nicole Mathieu

Certified Spinning Instructor & Fitness Enthusiast

I am a 28-year old lover of all things fitness-related.  Since the age of 5 I have been involved in team sports and athletics have played a huge role in my personal life and, more recently, in my professional life.   I fell in love with indoor cycling back in 2012 and finally took the step to really hone my craft by getting certified!  In October of 2014 I finally became a Certified Spinning Instructor.  When I'm not Spinning, I can be found creating new playlists for class, running the streets of Boston, swimming in the Mirabella Pool in the North End, trying any and all group fitness classes, or traveling to New York City to visit my boyfriend!